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Klippen district covers only the Umeälven river from the mouth of the Syterbäcken stream up to the Märkesforsen rapids north of Stintbäcken. The river follows the E12 and comprises rapids, streams and sections of slower water.

Summer fishing:
There are good opportunities to catch large trout and char. Certain sections of the river are particularly suitable for fly fishing. The river is also good for spinning and angling with worms.

Winter fishing
There are some stretches where it is possible to go ice fishing.

No fishing from 15th of June until midsummer. No fishing using boats. No more than 10 fish per day may be caught.
Fishing license can be bought in some house along the fishing district, there are special signs outside the house. Licenses can also be bought at Berglunds Järnia (the hardware store in Hemavan), Cykel- & fiskecenter (bike and fishing centre) in Hemavan and Hemavan Tärnaby tourist office in Tärnaby,

Klippen district is easily accessible, including for wheelchair users in some sections.

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    Fishing licence: 24 hours 60 Sek, 7 days 250 Sek.

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In the middle of the village is Hemavans Wärdshus, an atmospheric Västerbotten farmhouse from the 1700s that exudes rustic charm. You live only minutes from the ski lift and in the evening the restaurant awaits you. The Inn is the perfect option for those who want to have as close to the airport as to the ski lift!

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If you want to stay comfortably and next door to the slopes and lifts, Hemavan’s Högfjällshotell is the perfect choice for you. The hotel i open during winterseason.

STF Hemavan Mountain station

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Hemavan Fjällstation, former SMU Fjällgård, is a drug free alternative for individual guests, families and groups. The facility offers a relaxed environment and several rooms were you can spend time together.