Tour of the day to Atoklimpen Nature Reserve

Address: Boxfjäll, 920 64 Tärnaby Show map

Address: Boxfjäll, 920 64 Tärnaby

Follow your guide on this walking tour of the Sami cultural environment. Trips run on wedensdays between july 8th and august 19th.

Follow your guide on this walking tour of the Sami cultural environment. Old trails and remains which date back more than a 1,000 years, reveal the lives and culture of the Sami, from the first nomadic communities to modern reindeer husbandry. The 3-5km tour, which takes between two and three hours, passes through mountain birch forest but does not include the summit of Atoklimpen. We’ll light a camp fire and make some coffee!

To book a place on the tour, organised by the County Administration, contact the Hemavan Tärnaby Tourist Office on +46(0)954-104 50.

Meet at 11pm, at the Atostugan cabin, a 700m walk from the car park, 2km from the Norwegian border.

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