Rödingfjället mountain caves

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Deep caves far into the mountain.

To get to the Rödingfjället mountain caves, turn off just before the privately owned cabin and take a poorly defined path leading up the mountain. Some hundred metres up along the brook you will come to a place where the steep western bank of the brook has collapsed. Here, next to each other, are the entrances to two large caves known as the Glimåkra caves. The upper one of these has an impressive, high entrance along a vertical crack.
When the water is low the cave is quite dry, but when it is high a brook runs through it. The entrance leads into a high and spacious chamber bounded by a beautifully polished vertical wall, and further up this wall the cave continues. Opposite this upper cavern (the Upper Glimåkra cave) is the lower one (the Lower Glimåkra cave). The entrance is very spacious. The cave passageway then narrows down, but it is nevertheless possible to penetrate 60 metres along it when the water is low. Beyond this point there are relatively deep slopes which can be climbed without ropes. The cave comes to an end 155 metres from the entrance in a large and deep cave lake. When the water is high it is only possible to penetrate 20 metres into the cave. In 1993 speleologists, cave researchers, reported the discovery of a stock of char in the underground lake. Immediately above, on the south side of the brook, is Grytränne cave, a low, beautifully polished cave 30 metres long which is almost entirely flooded when the water is high. For preference the novice cave visitor is recommended to take a guided tour to the Kåtaviken caves, since these are more readily accessible.

No caves for beginners.

No caves for beginners.

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